Love your website but finding that it’s not converting? This is a common issue we see…

We’ve had a number of clients come to us in the past to say that their website just isn’t converting, and they can’t understand why. It’s so common to hear that people absolutely love the look of their website, however, customers aren’t taking action when they land on their page.

Reasons for this include:

Others might hate what you love about your site

That big logo, unreadable font and text colour might be why clients are bouncing off your website. Some clients have been adamant that they want their logo to stand out and be as large as possible. Unfortunately, this isn’t best practice for clean and user-friendly web design so make sure you use a standard sized logo along with consistent text colours and fonts throughout the site to ensure your contents readability is as best as it can be.

They can’t work out how to contact you

Let’s make this part as easy as possible for your prospective customers. If they have to dig through your website just to get in touch with you, chances are they’ll give up pretty quickly and move on to your competitors. Provide a clear call to action on every page and multiple ways to get in touch. Some prefer a call, others prefer an online form and some like an online chat. The more the merrier we say!

Your site makes you look too expensive or too cheap

Such a fine line here, but you need to ensure that your website’s appearance is in line with your product or service offering and pricing. Your website’s design will (most of the time) determine what type of clients you attract. A slick and well-designed website should help attract the right type of customers. Whereas,a dodgy, out of date website with broken links and images will attract… you guessed it… people who are more than likely looking for a cheaper price. But hey, do you blame them?

You have a poor mobile experience

It’s crazy how many agencies forget to optimise design, speed and usability for mobile. Make this a priority and ensure customers on mobile are able to access the same functionality as they would on desktop.
TIP: Go to your Google Analytics account and check out how many users are on mobile vs desktop, no doubt this has increased in the last 12 months!

Your site is so over optimised that is sounds like someone in kindergarten wrote your content

Optimising content for SEO doesn’t mean you need to stuff keywords everywhere throughout your site and anyone who tells you otherwise is just being lazy. Content can be optimised and well written to convert prospective customers. Readability is one of the most important aspects of the website and should be a key part of your strategy and should always prevail. After all, there’s no point in ranking well for a keyword when customers are going to be turned off by your website content!

To wrap up, you might love the way your website looks, but looks don’t guarantee results. Follow our tips above to ensure that your website performs at the best of its ability! If you would like some advice about this, our friendly team will be more than happy to help. Contact us today to book a consultation.