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Graphic Designer

Katy Pastoors

I have had a passion for art since as long as i can remember, i spent most of my school life with a mission to become an art teacher until i discovered Photoshop while working at Kodak express when i was 17.

In a quest to work out how i could make using Photoshop my career i discovered graphic design and moved to Wagga Wagga to complete my Bachelor of Arts (Graphic Design) at the end of year 12.

Since completing my degree in 2000 i have worked at a range of advertising agencies, digital and offset printers and signwriters in NSW, VIC and QLD.Nothing makes me happier than hearing from a client that they love my work and they are 100% happy with the job when it is complete. I feel very lucky that i have the opportunity to do something i love everyday and get paid for it.

Get to know Katy in 3 questions:

How do your friends describe you?
Loyal, Passionate, Left-of-centre

Hidden Talent?
I am a closet crafter! I love to bead, make hand bags, purses and do my own screen printing.

Typical weekend consists of?
A run, a trip to the beach with the family and the dog and renovations to the new house!

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

– Dalai Lama