1. Susan Williams
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General Manager

Susan Williams

I started out in telesales and took to it like a fish to water. I loved the challenge and was hungry for more. I stayed with the same company for 10 years. I built, managed and mentored sales reps/sales teams.
In 1997 it was time to move on and I needed a new challenge. After meeting a friend of a friend we started talking, we found we were very like-minded, we had a vision, we had goals we had dreams. We went into business together and ran a very successful office consumables company… Oh and by the way, we got married, bought the house, had the kids, raised the kids and still have one girl in high school.

We moved into the online space in 2006 and enjoyed, and are still enjoying, growing in this ever moving forward industry.

Today, I share my experience, and listen to yours. If I notice or identify anything I feel the team or I can help you with while I’m with you, you will get those suggestions also. I do what I am good at and what I love doing. I work with like mined people, business owners and their staff to help achieve their goals, today I have a feel-good purposeful role.

Get to know Susan in 3 questions:

How do do your friends describe you?
Loyal, Caring, Funny

Hidden Talent?
Making dreamcatchers

Typical weekend consists of?
I watch my daughter play football, she’s not the Ballerina I’d hoped for, nor is she the netball player that I could coach. I spend quality time with friends talking, laughing, sharing and caring. I enjoy dinning out as well as cooking at home and sharing meals with my nearest and dearest. I squeeze in a one hour Saturday afternoon squash game, I love walking and absorbing the beauty of nature that surrounds me.

“Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure”

– Bob Bitchin